Integrated Accounting, Payroll, Budgeting, Personnel, Student Activity, and Tax Collection software developed by a New York State business official for schools and municipalities.
Our Software:
Our Software is easy to use. Most of our customers are trained on our software within days. The screens are designed to be self-explanatory. We listen to what you need from an accounting package and write our software to answer those needs.

We Understand:
Trying to get the reports to the budget review board, print out the teacher’s paychecks and write the purchase orders for the new school additions. Our software can help and we can help you learn and run our software.

Our Customer Service:
We understand the bitterness of poor customer service last longer than the excitement of a good sales demonstration.

That is why customer service is such a key element of our business. With Info-Matic you can rest assured that you will always have the full support of our staff behind you.

Our helpdesk staff is dedicated and resourceful. We understand that our software is a tool to facilitate you in doing your job. Our helpdesk staff also tests our new programs before they’re sent out, and trains our new customers.

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